We've had an increase of people who are getting the Elgato capture device and come to find out it does not work with our recommended Broadcasters. El Gato Game Capture's software is NOT a supported program with our livestreaming service. 

As of now OBS studio is the only software to work with El gato's capture device.

***Elgato Game Capture HD does not work with Open Broadcaster Software for OS X or Windows 7.***

There is a work around for Windows pc's but depending upon your set up and computer, as it is not reliable. Although we've had success in many cases livestreaming through RevmediaTV.  

Here is a link on how to get started. 


You will need to configure the RTMP server settings in OBS. You can follow this link below on how to get the stream url. (Scroll down past our list of 3rd party Broadcasters to view how to get the server settings.) 


Once you've completed these steps you will hopefully be able to Test and view your livestream. Again, OBS and Elgato are not our recommended device and software to stream with. If you choose to continue to stream and this set up works for you, That is great! As RevmediaTV support team does not provide support on these products. Any problems will have to be sought out by you.