Question: I did a live streaming event using a WiFi connection and the recorded video seems to be corrupt.

Answer: By corrupt you refer to the fact the video was not saved in your account. This happens only in the following scenario:

The internet connection dropped while the LIVE recording took place and the video could not be saved properly in User’s Dashboard – under My Library.

When using WiFi connections (free) the connection may be “limited” on purpose and this may cause breakage in your streams no matter what broadcaster you use.

Have you for instance tried to use the other broadcasters available? You can use Web broadcaster, Desktop broadcaster, HD Wave broadcaster and 3’rd party broadcaster.

After that you can let us know if all broadcasters are performing in the same manner.


Question: After I making several LIVE streaming sessions, I noticed that not all the auto-records were saved in my user account.

Answer: This is related to the storage space allowed for each account. Storage management can be done in 2 ways.

a. Increase the storage allowed for the package you have assigned to your account.

b. NOT recommended: Turn auto recording OFF so not all live streaming is recorded.

Turn the auto recording settings to OFF and control manually what LIVE stream you want to record.