Abode Flash Player is a necessity for you to watch videos on Chrome. Therefore, when videos on Chrome are not playing, check if Flash is enabled.

If you are receiving flash errors when viewing videos on our Revmediatv.com site, Please follow directions below to allow Revmediatv.com to play flash videos. Be sure to open a new tab and go to Revmediatv.com before beginning the steps.

Step 1: Open the video page, on the left of the web address, click Lock (the icon of a lock ) or Info (the icon of an exclamation point in a circle);
Step 2: Open the drop-down menu beside Flash and choose Always allow on this site;


Step 3: Refresh the page and Flash is enabled on the site.
Remember, you should only enable Flash on websites that can be trusted.

Workaround 3: Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

If you make sure you have turned on Flash but video is just not playing, try to reinstall Adobe Flash Player and check if the problem lies on it. Follow these steps.
Step 1: Open Chrome, visit chrome://plugins; or click Three-Dot button on the upper right > More Tools > Extensions;
Step 2: Find out Flash Player, delete it or disable it;


Step 3: Visit adobe.com/go/chrome, and download Flash that is fitting with your operating system.
Suppose this method cannot have videos, Flash Player may not be responsible for the problem. Continue to read.

Workaround 4: Reset Chrome Settings

Video not playing may also result from problematic Chrome settings, and you can revise it by resetting the settings.
Step 1: Click More/Three-dot button on the top right;
Step 2: Choose Settings > Advanced > Reset.



It will reset your launch page, pinned tabs etc., disable all extensions and clear cache and cookies, while your bookmark, browsing history will not be deleted. Now restart Chrome and see if you can watch your videos.