Kworld Video Capture USB TV Tuners and Video Capture USB2800D

KWorld Xpert DVD Maker USB 2.0 Video Capture Product Details: Edit Your Own Home Video on PC!A smart & advanced device for Desktop and notebook users to transfer analog signal video to digital signal, and edit their own home video on PC. No matter what AV & S-video video device - like V8, VHS, Hi8, even old videotapes - the image is easily sent to PC for editing and saving on CD in VCD and DVD format. Provides high-quality video processor and compression solutions to allow video resolution up to 30fps at 720 x 480 size in order to provide the best video quality for user. This tiny device is suitable to take anywhere. Xpert DVD MAKER USB2.0 contains not only capture / editing function, but also the easy burning software. With Xpert DVD MAKER USB2.0, your PC can be the Mpeg Editor, Mpeg Encoder, VCD & DVD maker!