They are very affordable. In the manual it will show you where to go. Must be logged in to use manual. Below are also instructions on how to Encode videos. 

Encoding is optional BUT any video that you want to be included on a Playlist, or for viewers to playback on Roku, STB (Set Top Boxes), mobile devices and ipad/iphone must be encoded using our built in system encoder.  It’s really simple and takes the guessing away from the broadcaster on the correct formats for each system.  You just select the video to encoder than which encodings and hit save. That’s it!

Encoding only relates to Video on Demand and Channel Playlist not Live Streaming...


What you need to know about Encoding?

1.  Go to Published Videos >Manage my Videos

2.  Click on Edit on the Video you want to Encode

3.  Below your video image select Encoding & Publishing

From the screenshot below you can see the Encoding & Publishing Button in blue below the video area, Next to the Video details

4.  Select the Encodes you want and save encode settings, Be sure to click the Save Encoding options button. (480p is a good option to stay at so people with slow data can view the video without buffering or lag. But you are able to choose a higher resolution if you would like. Just keep in mind that playback on the viewers side could experience buffering and drain data if they don't have good data speed.)

5.  Your video will be encoded and available for broadcast

Again, You can get to encoding videos by going to Published videos>Manage my videos the select edit on the videos you want to encode. Under the video preview player your will see the Publishing/Encoding option. Click on that then scroll down to the encoding options.